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Technical Writings

  • Implications Of The Strategic Initiative
  • Electronic Document Management Systems
  • Selecting a 4GL Development Tool For Client/Server
  • The Internet: Business In Cyberspace
  • Office Information Systems In The 1990's
  • OIS Migration:Developing An Electronic Document Messaging System
  • Automated Management Of Software Licenses

    Pending Presentations

  • Developing A Internet-Intranet Strategy Part 1: An Overview [PRESENTATION]
  • Guidelines For Web Page Development: Pilot Implementation Phase PRESENTATION
  • Windows 95 Overview [PRESENTATION]
  • The Internet: Business In Cyberspace [PRESENTATION]
  • An Intranet Philosophy [PRESENTATION]
  • Client/Server Applications Development Environment [PRESENTATION]
  • The Battle Between Chaos and Control: Memory Management for DOS Personal Computers [PRESENTATION]