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Implications Of The Strategic Initiative
Implementation of IS goals for S-Company will have a profound effect on the flow of information through the company. This Research Note reviews some of the key elements of this plan and explores the options available to address them. [Four graphics, seven pages]


Electronic Document Management Systems
Installation of an EDMS would satisfy the information distribution requirements of OSHA's 1910 regulation and serve as a pilot program for a Houston wide EDMS. This Research Note explores the technologies required to implement this system, and the challenges it will create. [ Six graphics, 13 pages]


OIS Migration: Developing A Electronic Messaging System
In 1994 the s-Group in Houston stands at the threshold of a major enhancement to the existing E-mail infrastructure. As enterprise E-mail systems evolve into enterprising messaging utilities, the IS organizations are challenged to develop an Enterprise Messaging Strategy to migrate to this new client/server, middleware centric Email world. An HPOpenMail/Microsoft Mail solution - while a quantum leap over the current system - may only be an interim step. [Five graphics, six pages]


Selecting a 4GL Development Tool For Client/Server
The migration to client/server with its subsequent need for rapid GUI-based applications development has introduced a new family of 4GL tools. These tools vary dramatically in their suitability across a wide range of application requirements. IS must evaluate these tools against the application development environment, the target environment, the application profiles and vendor profiles. This Strategy Report outlines the criteria and vendors examined in developing a AD Strategy. [Nine graphics, 11 pages]


The Internet: Business In Cyberspace
Opened to commerce in 1991, the Internet has experienced explosive growth. Companies attracted to the wealth of business and technical information must be cautioned, however, that cyberspace can be a hostile environment, populated with hackers, virus worms, and 'Trojans'. It is important that user education and access policies be in place prior to opening the Internet doors. This Research Note examines the issues surrounding the implementation of Internet access. [Six graphics, 12 pages]


Office Information Systems In The 1990's
The common characteristic of OIS in the 1990's is change. At S-company this change is exacerbated by the introduction of SAP and a revamping of the IT infrastructure. IS faces the critical challenge of developing a migration strategy establishing an architecture that allows the addition of highly granular OIS functionality as required by the business. [Seven graphics, 10 pages]


Developing A Internet-Intranet Strategy Part 1: An Overview
Development of an enterprise Internet policy which also embraces Intranet issues is the cornerstone of a strategy to assure effective use of these technologies. The adoption of these technologies provides clear benefits to the business, while requiring operational, cultural and financial hurdles to be overcome. This Research Note is the first in a series addressing issues involved in planning, deploying and administering Internet/Intranet technologies. [Three graphics, 11 pages]

Automated Management Of Software Licenses
A powerful software mechanism called automatic license management is gaining converts among users, platform vendors and independent software vendors. A license manager ensures that software use and access comply with contractual commitments, and it collects data that helps users determine enterprise usage requirements. [Three graphics, five pages]


Guidelines For Web Page Development: Pilot Implementation Phase [6 graphics, 10 pages]

Windows 95 Overview [8 pages]

The Internet: Business In Cyberspace [15 pages]

An Intranet Philosophy [22 pages]

EDMS Scope Team Overview [34 pages]

Client/Server Applications Development Environment [24 pages]

The Battle Between Chaos and Control: Memory Management for DOS Based Personal Computers [12 pages]

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