A Very Odd Christmas Story


The Year: 1998


...far away in a strange land is a place unlike any other.

It is a grey, frozen world, where the wind howls and time moves slowly.

...... a place of little sunshine, minimal vegetation and....

really poor TV reception!

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Yet in this land exists a family, ancestors of a ancient tribe. They are the last of their kind -- eeking out an existence in this foresaken world. They are.... the last of the great northern adventurers.

The Family At A Happy Time
To this family was born a child....a daughter, the first born. She is a smiling, giggling bundle, full of energy despite the odd diet she is forced to endure.

For in this land of hardship the people are forced to eat the remnants of the creatures....bits-and-pieces known as CHICKEN WINGS, and a paper thin bread called PIZZA. Surprisingly, the child survives on this subsistence diet. In fact she flourishes! Perhaps, there is hope. Perhaps....she is the ONE! The ONE who can re-unite the clan, bring peace to the land, and recall how to make really great home-made sausage!

She teaches her family the ancestral art of block building

Early on, this first born daughter, who's name roughly translated, means "she who must be obeyed!", began to perform many strange new rituals . Shown below is the unusual 'Antler Ritual' that allows her to communicate to her beast. She is simply called THE ONE by family and friends. The GAP woman next to her (one of her appointed gaurdians) is obviously accustomed to this ritualistic behavior and wisely smiles.

The Mysterious Antler Ritual.
Rumors persist that it is contagious.

But Wait! The One feels a disturbance
in the force and warns the family (and her beast).