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thomas m. ciesla, houston, texas, writer, space science
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  Featured DESIGN Projects

zen, minimal, landscaping design

Patio Concept
Creating a Zen-like patio design without including overt far-east overtones

texas wine trails, texas wine, travel

Texas Department of Agriculture
The State of Texas included our wine trails and Texas map in a marketing brochure

ciesla thomas,coffe cup art, watercolor

Coffee Cup Art Experiment
Playing with concepts to decorate to-go coffee cups.

ciesla thomas,texas plants,landscaping,design

Front Yard Redesign
A wish to open up the approach to the front entry required a dramatic change

ciesla thomas,texas travel, wine trails

Outdoor Kitchen
A minimalist approach focuses on free standing cookers, counterspace, and cabinet storage
  Miscellaneous Reads

mars, manned missions, space travel

Mars Sample Return Mission:
   What Level Of Complexity

Three Mission Scenarios are discussed in increasing order of complexity and cost
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The Problem Of Trash
    On The Moon

To preserve the natural condition of the Moon, a trash management plan is needed prior to colonization
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serenly minimal, landscaping design

The Centauri Project:
    Manned Interstellar Travel

The prospect of mankind traveling through interstellar space is both exciting and terrifying.
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wine, knowledge, philosophy, james bond

Noise In My Glass
Is Too Much Information Spoiling My Wine?

  Featured ESSAY Reads

exoplanets, astronomy, life beyond earth

My Angry Barista
Working through an existential meltdown and finding purpose and meaning in life

film noir, love, shadows, secrets, mystical

The News
A couple struggles with what they perceive as a tragedy in their lives.

iceberg, exploration, antarctica

Darkness Is Cheap
Spooky similarities between the stories: A Christmas Carol and Groundhog Day

essays, philosophy, groundhog day, bill murray, eschaton, ned ryerson

Today Is Tomorrow!
Have you ever wished you could repeat a day? Be careful what you wish for...

essays, philosophy, groundhog day, bill murray, eschaton, ned ryerson

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