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By: Thomas M. Ciesla

Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is laying out a plan whereby you can take your house into the future, says Ivor Segall of Texas Light and Sound Structured wiring is a cable bundle that contains telephone wire, CAT5 wire, Cable TV wire, low voltage wire and simple twisted pair cable. Incoming services such as tellephone, cable TV, satellite TV, security and Internet access are routed to a central hub, which distributes the services throughout the home via the structured wiring.

The homeowner interacts with the management system either directly through keypads, touch screens,PDSs and wireless devices, or remotely through the telephone or Internet. Advanced systems use a network of sensors to monitor family activities, automatically adjusting elements of the environment within the home, sucha s temperature and lighting, to pre-described settings.

Entertaining and Security

Your structured wiring system will even deliver clear audio and video to any computer monitor in the house if you have provided that interconnectivity. Music and video can also be stored on a PC to be distributed to any room in the house. The same cabling will also provide connectivity between all of your computers and peripheral devices, creating an internal local area network, or LAN. Over this LAN you can share files between computers, simultaneously cruise the INternet from any PCm and share access to printers, scanners and fax machines. Using a technique called "modulation," you can designate unused television channels for certain uses, such as viewing survelliance cameras on channel 64 on any TV in the house.

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Detai of easy-to-use touchscreen navigation for system control. (photo by Texas Light and Sound)


A neat, easy to maintain central hub for a structured wiring system.


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